Our annual club regatta will be held at Paremata Boating Club on SUNDAY 3rd April (note this is the Backup day as the wind looking extremely light and variable for Saturday that often means no wind for us)

This is open to all Centerboard classes

The pre-registration entry form is here 

Notice of Race: Paremata Regatta 202 – NOR v1

Sailing Instructions: Paremata Regatta Sailing Instructions 2022

Results:  https://sailwave.com/results/ParemataRegatta2022.htm

Covid Safety Requirements

All competitors/Parents/Volunteers must present their My Vaccine Pass at registration

At present our intention is that this event is run in accordance with Sport NZ (Red guidance, part 5) and MBIE guidance for events (This may change if the MBIE guidance or traffic light level changes):
• The maximum number of people allowed to participate in the event is 100. This excludes
volunteers helping to run the event but includes all children. Children under the age
of 12 years 3 months are treated as if they have a vaccine pass.
• Wearing a guidance-compliant mask is mandatory unless competing/eating/drinking or under 8 years of age.
• Paremata Boating Club may, at any time, reschedule or cancel the regatta, based on our assessment of the risk to competitors and volunteers.

Notices to Competitors