Looking after people

We are serious about looking after people at Paremata Boating Club. We know we have a number of health risks and safety risks associated with our club’s activities that could make people ill or injure them.

To prevent people getting ill or injured, we manage our identified risks by either eliminating them or minimising them, so far as reasonably practicable. We have assessed our risks and prioritised the critical ones: drowning, impact and hypothermia. We take a proportional approach to how we direct our resources to controlling them. Because we have a diverse range of club members, we also take a proportional approach to how we control and influence people and activities to achieve the right type of health and safety outcome.

Our club has a health and safety system made up of a number of policies and procedures. They guide us in what we do but we find our best tool is our mouth. We communicate a lot about health and safety and we encourage people to speak out. For example, every sailing activity has a safety briefing and, often, a debriefing; every committee meeting has a health and safety component; and, every person involved with the club is expected to look after themselves and those around them.

When we engage contractors to do work for us, we make sure to talk to them about any risks that could affect their work and we expect them to tell us about the health risks and safety risks they bring onto our site. We also make sure we cooperate and coordinate with contractors as best as we can to eliminate or minimise any risks.

We welcome visitors to our club and to our activities. We keep things as safe as reasonably practicable for our visitors by ensuring the place is well looked after. We tell our visitors about any risks specific to our environment and activities, and we ask them for their views on what we could do better.

As each sailing season goes by, we actively look for ways to get better at looking after people.

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