How to join or renew your membership?
To join or to renew a membership, please complete the online membership form.
Why join us?

Fun – Sailing by yourself is nice, sailing in a group with and against other boats is fun. You may be very competitive and relish a good race. Or you may simply want to participate and see how you are going.  Either way you are part of a group of like minded sailors.

Knowledge – Our members have got decades of experience – it’s obvious, just don’t tell them!  Whether you are new to the sport or an old salt, nothing beats a chat about boats, tactics, and the latest race or cruise.  Our members are more than happy to chat and liberally dispense advice.

Storage – Space permitting, we can store your boat in our sheds directly by the water. Our low rates are exclusive to members.

Safety – Before each event our race officers monitor the weather conditions and assess whether sailors are safe.  The club provides support boats and communication when you are out there. You are not alone. We are there to help you if you’ve got a problem, we can take you and your boat ashore.  We carry radios and can request external assistance.

Membership Options
  • Sailing Junior
  • Junior Family
  • Sailing Senior
  • Senior Family
  • Non Sailing

Annual Fees

Membership  Fees for the 2017-18 season
 Sailing Junior – under 19 yrs on 12 October  $125
 Junior Family Membership  $245
 Sailing Senior – 19 yrs plus on 12 October  $275
 Senior Family Membership  $425
 Discounted sailing membership for the Learn to Sail course graduates  $60
 Non Sailing Member – all ages  $30
 Shed Space Optimist/P-class/ Kayaks/Sailboards  $160
 Shed Space Starling  $190
 Shed Space all other classes  $240

The Fine Print

  • All membership fees include Yachting New Zealand (YNZ) affiliation fee ($22 per person)
  • Junior Family Membership is available to sailing and/or non-sailing juniors and their non-sailing parents only. It does not cover senior sailing members in the family.
  • Senior Family Membership is available to families with no more than 2 senior sailing members but can include any number of junior sailors and non-sailing members.
  • Members who do not pay their subscriptions by 1 November 2017 will not be eligible for club racing prizes.
  •  Boat storage – boat owners are responsible for insurance of their boats and gear stored at the club. All boats are stored at the owners risk and the club accepts no responsibility for any damage or theft of the boats from the club facilities.
  • If storage fees remain unpaid the club reserves the right to sell any boat to defray storage fees owing or to utilise any boat with unpaid storage fees for club purposes (eg: learn to sail) or a combination of the two options.

Boat storage terms and conditions

  1. You must be a financial member of the club for the 2017-18 season.
  1. To be eligible for boat storage you must compete in or assist with running at least 8 championship club races at Paremata during the season.
  1. Sheds are allocated at the sole discretion of the club and boats must be removed if owners are asked to do so.
  1. No road trailers are allowed in the sheds.
  1. Sheds must be kept clean and gear stored properly.
  1. You must not borrow or remove any property from other boat sheds without permission.
  1. You must not change sheds, locks or boat space allocation unless the Shed Co-ordinator has granted permission.
  1. If you unlock the shed, you are responsible for ensuring that the shed is locked again.
  1. If storage fees remain unpaid, the club reserves the right to sell any boat to defray storage fees owing or to use any boat with unpaid storage fees for club purposes, such as Learn to Sail courses, or a combination of the two options.
  1. You are responsible for insurance of your stored boats and gear. All boats are stored at your risk and the club accepts no responsibility for any damage or theft of boats or gear from the club’s buildings.
  1. $20 deposit is required for the shed key. This deposit will be refunded once the key is returned to the Shed Coordinator.

Branded clothing

Paremata branded clothing includes hoodies, T-shirts and pants:
  •  Zip Up Hoodies:  have PBC logo on LH chest and Academy logo on the front of the RH chest. Back will have PBC logo placed between the shoulder blades and name across the bottom. Available sizes: Children 4 – 16, Adults XS – 3XL + 5XL
  • T-Shirt: have PBC and Academy logos on the front and PBC logo on the back between shoulder blades. Available sizes: Children 6 – 16, Adults S – 3XL + 5XL
  • Black Track Pants:  The pants look similar to Canterbury pants (not fleece ones) with club name running up the side of the leg. Available sizes: Children – 6 – 14, Adults – XS – 3XL + 5XL
Please complete this online order form to order your clothing.
For more information contact Robyn at .
Any questions?
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