We also offer an adult Learn to Sail program. This covers YNZ level 1 and is done using using our 2 person club Topaz yachts.

This provides 8 hours of coaching which is done on a one on one basis with a YNZ qualified coach. The course costs $400.

Scheduling of lessons is arranged to suit the adult student and coach (So the course can be completed in 4 2 hour lessons or 2 4 hour lessons (or any other arrangement) depending on what suits both parties).

The objective of this course, is to get the student sailor sailing at a level to allow them to take part in club sailing (weather permitting) to continue to build up experience and skills. They may also continue coaching and undertake a YNZ level 2 course with us, on the same terms as above.

To take part in this course you need to be able to swim 50m.

For further information about the Adult Learn To Sail course, please contact the club secretary at PBClubSecretary@gmail.com.
Applications may be submitted through the following link.