We offer sailors at all levels the ability to learn and develop a passion for sailing that will see them enjoying this sport throughout their life. The club programme includes a variety of events during the sailing season designed to improve skills, provide competitive racing and encourage friendships, regardless of age and ability.

Parent participation at all levels of the programme is essential.

The junior and youth classes at Paremata are the Optimist, P Class and Starling.


The classes at Paremata for the seniors are the Sunburst, Laser, Z Class and the Open class.


For children ages 8 to 15, the Optimist is the ideal boat to introduce and develop sailing skills.

The ‘Rainbow’ fleet is the first division that our young Optimist sailors encounter after completing a Learn to Sail course. Through a high level of coaching and support they are able to learn the basics of fleet racing while under the watchful eye of coaches, their parents, and club members.

Once competent at ‘Rainbow’ fleet level, our sailors are encouraged to move into the ‘Green’ fleet and later into the ‘Open’ fleet where they will compete against some of our more experienced Optimist sailors. The majority of the Open Fleet sailors compete at interclub and national level.


The Starling is a dinghy intended to cater for teenagers making the transition to the more challenging youth and senior classes. Ideally suited to a sailor of 50 to 70 kg, the Starling has become the boat of choice in recent years for sailors progressing beyond the Optimist sailing dinghy. Paremata has a growing number of Starlings, and offers a warm welcome to all new sailors.

Skippers must be under the age of 19 to compete for the National title, otherwise, there is no age limit.


The Laser is one of the most popular single-handed dinghies in the world.

If you have any question about the Laser class please contact the Laser Class Captain Paul Pettit (PBClubLaser@gmail.com).