Friday night sailing 20 Oct!

Looks like a beaut night for Friday night sailing tonight folks! An incoming tide and a light northerly. We aim to start on the water at 5pm so hope to see you there by 4.30pm.

This might be the best chance to get out and sail this weekend as Sunday looks like it might be rather windy at this stage (although this may well change)

Don’t forget to text Fish and chips orders to Liz on 0274 909955 by 6.00pm if you are staying for dinner and the club night afterwards.  All members are welcome of course!

Sailing Calendar, Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions for the 2017-18 season

The 2017-18 season is opening on the weekend of 1 October. Check out PBC Sailing Calendar and Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions for the 2017-18 season.

Please indicate on the Duty Roster when you expect to be able to help this season. Thanks for all your help to run our club this season!

Pre-season briefing, dinner, gear swap Sat 16th Sep

Woohoo opening day is coming…. Come to the club on 16 September to learn about the upcoming sailing season: coaching opportunities, regattas, and issues that may arise with the changing sailing time. The doors open at 5.30, dinner is at 6.30 and the briefing will start around 7.30. Unscheduled merriment can occur at any time. Let us know if you are coming please email with numbers attending, so we can plan how much food to cook. $10 for adults, $5 a child.

Pre-season Rescue boat training starts Wed 30 Aug 7.30pm – please join us!

Come and help us out on the water and learn how to operate our rescue boats safely! We need you.  It is important to do the training so we are all safe. It is honestly not that hard, but there are some important things to know.   We have the first theory lesson starting on Wed 30 Aug at 7.30pm, the practical lesson will be the following Sunday at 1.30pm. The same format repeats 2 weeks later.  Even if you have been driving boats for a while you are encouraged to come and contribute to the discussion and learning.

The dates are:
Wed 30 Aug 7.30pm to 9:00pm
Sun 3 Sep 1.30pm to 4pm

Wed 13 Sep 7.30pm to 9:00pm
Sun 17 Sep 1.30pm to 4pm

New season – new membership time! Please help us by renewing asap :)

With the season opening on the weekend of 1 Oct it is time to renew your membership folks. Please complete and online membership, and confirm whatever boat storage you require while we still have storage places available.  It really helps at our end to get these in as soon as possible this time of year – so many thanks! You would be surprised how many expenses we have to cover pre-season.

Here is the form (also on the home page of our website)